Analysis of the 2016 SESC Survey

The analysis of the 2016 SESC Survey on Continuous Integration practice and views in the UK has now been published.

Key headline results are that:

  • 75% of all respondents are already using CI systems
  • 81% of those who identified themselves as software developers/RSEs are already using CI systems
  • A significant minority of respondents use more than one CI system
  • All of the seven UK Research Councils are represented, with EPSRC being the biggest funder
  • Python, Fortran, C and C++ are the most common languages reported; this is not the same as SSI findings about popular programming languages.
  • There is a high proportion of HPC users in the sample
  • Travis and Jenkins are the most common CI frameworks in use
  • Compilers and specific libraries are the most important tools needed for automated testing, with an equal split between Fortran and C & C++.
  • There is an interest in HPC testing, and a smaller interest in novel architectures
  • Shibboleth and OpenID are of equal importance as authentication mechanisms