Welcome to the Software Engineering Support Centre

Posted on 01 Aug 2013 by David Worth

Welcome to the website of the Software Engineering Support Centre.

The centre began on August 1 2013 and is funded by the UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Reserach Council [EPSRC](http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/ “EPSRC website”‎).

The aim of SESC is to provide support for improving the software engineering practices for reserach software funded by the UK Research Councils. We plan to do this in a number of ways including: * Seminars - to introduce SESC and explain the benefits of software engineering * Workshops - to give developers hands on experience with tools and techniques * HowTo Guides - available from the documentation section of this web site

We also run the collaborative software development facility CCPForge (soon to change its name) which provides a web based environment where software can be developed and distributed. I will post more details on this later or you can just visit the site.