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Introduction to Pylint

Watch this short screencast to get an introduction to the python code analysis tool pylint.

As part of my training as an instructor with Software Carpentry one task is to produce a 3 minute screencast on something related to the aims of that organisation. Since python features heavily in their courses I thought something about software engineering for python would be suitable.

What is Software Engineering?

Of course there are so many answers to that question from the simplistic to the outrageously formal. In this post I will give an answer that outlines SESCs view and concentrates on being pragmatic.

A Definition

This is not a hard and fast, text book definition its just one we can work with for now. Software Engineering is:

The use of processes and associated tools to write good quality software that produces excellent scientific results

European Exascale Software Initiative - thoughts on software engineering for exascale software development

This short paper brings together some thoughts on the software engineering needs of ExaScale software development. The work was part of the efforts of Working Group 4.6 (Scientific Software Engineering) of EESI - the European ExaScale Software Initiative. EESI is a Support Action co-funded by the European Commission.