What We Do

The Software Engineering Support Centre (SESC) is an EPSRC funded project with the aim of promoting software engineering in the UK research software community. We provide information, advice and training on practical software engineering tools and techniques through reports, tutorials, hands-on workshops and seminars.

We have experience in helping developers in computational science improve their development process, testing and documentation with the use of simple tools such as revision control for their files, coverage testing and systems to extract code comments as documentation. There are several useful reports and posts on these topics here.

One of the major components of SESC is the CCPForge service a collaborative development environment for the UK scientific software community and their collaborators. CCPForge provides the following for registered projects:

  • Revision control for files with CVS, Subversion git, bazaar and Mercurial
  • Software release downloads for source or pre-compiled versions
  • Flexible licensing of software
  • User forums for help from other users and developer discussions
  • Tracking of support and feature requests
  • Traditional mailing lists
  • Task managements
  • Documentation repository
  • Flexible access control to information based on "roles"

A CCPForge project summary page

A CCPForge git repository

Training and dissemination of ideas is important to us and we:

  • Run hands-on workshops for tools to give users an insight in to what the tools offer
  • Give seminars on SESC, practical software engineering, software quality, testing among other topics
  • Prepare tutorials, HowTo guides, tool review reports which are available from the web site
  • Hold meetings so people interested in the software engineering of their code can get together and share experiences and learn from others
For more information take a look at the rest of this site or to discuss how we can support you please contact us.