CCPForge is closing

EPSRC announced (see section below) that CCPForge will close at the end of 2018. As SESC do not have any rights on the content of CCPForge projects, all content will need to be deposited elsewhere. If no action is taken SESC will send a copy of all projects to the relevant project administrators at service termination.

SESC have offered all project administrators help and advice in moving projects to another service. We have collected some FAQs to help you make an informed decision as to what you should do next.

EPSRC Announcement

CCPForge provided a service which was not available anywhere else when it started ten years ago. The software management tool environment has moved on and CCPForge has not kept pace wit functional developments. CCPForge doesn't provide the functionality for current software best practice. It is not a central hub  for discovering CCP software as not all CCP projects use CCPForge.

The underpinning infrastructure needs updating and EPSRC have mad the decision that in these restricted funding times they will not replace this service as there are many better alternatives. This means that CCPForge will be closing at the end of 2018. The Software Engineering Support Centre who provide CCPForge will be contacting project administrators directly to start the transition process off.

FAQs for service closure are available from

The SESC Build Service (Anvil) which provides automated testing for research software is not affected by this change. It will continue to be provided and will be actively developed.

The History of CCPForge

One of the major components of SESC has been the CCPForge service, a collaborative development environment for the UK scientific software community and their collaborators. CCPForge provided the following for registered projects:

  • Revision control for files with CVS, Subversion git, bazaar and Mercurial
  • Software release downloads for source or pre-compiled versions
  • Flexible licensing of software
  • User forums for help from other users and developer discussions
  • Tracking of support and feature requests
  • Traditional mailing lists
  • Task managements
  • Documentation repository
  • Flexible access control to information based on "roles"

CCPForge started its life as a collaborative software development environment tool for the Collaborative Computational Projects (CCP) community but then broadened its scope to all UK computational research and development projects. The development and support of CCPForge project was initially funded by The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) and EPSRC. It then went on to be developed and maintained by Software Engineering Group within the Scientific Computing Department (SCD) of the Science and Technology Facilities Council under a long term support grant from EPSRC as part of the Software Engineering Support Centre.