The Software Engineering Support Centre (SESC) is an EPSRC funded project hosted by the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, with the aim of promoting software engineering in the UK research software community. SESC provides information, advice and training on practical software engineering tools and techniques through reports, tutorials, hands-on workshops and seminars.

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SSI Collaboration Workshop 2015 (Posted on 04 February 2015)

Register at for the Software Sustainability Institute’s Collaborations...

Report on SESC Introductory Workshop - 7th October 2014 (Posted on 06 November 2014)

The Software Engineering Support Centre (SESC) held an introductory Workshop...

Visualisation Survey (Posted on 01 September 2014)

We are interested in the visualisation uses and needs of...

Latest Articles and Reports

Slides from 7th October Workshop (Posted on 08 October 2014)
  • Introduction to SESC slides
  • Revision Control Systems slides
  • What CCPForge does
Slides from Git presentation at SoFT workshop (Posted on 02 September 2014)

Here are the slides from my presentation on using Git with CCPForge at the...

Introduction to Pylint (Posted on 13 November 2013)

Watch this short screencast to get an introduction to the python code analysis tool pylint....

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